Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Face 3 & 4

 This is my late night post:  Women in red clouds.

At the beginning I had the idea of ​​a delicate image, with soft colors, so to speak, a touch of color. But the delicate colors disappeared under more and more colors. Maybe some of you know this effect? I want to paint "tender", but comes out "vigorously". Hmmm ....

Anfangs hatte ich die Idee eines zarten Bildes, in sanften Farben, sozusagen ein Hauch von Farbe. Die zarten Farben verschwanden aber mehr und mehr unter Farben. Vielleicht kennen einige von Euch diesen Effekt? Ich will "zart", aber heraus kommt "kräftig". Hmmm ...

Okay, tomorrow is a new day.

As always in this month I will link my post to our fantastic Ayala Art, which is the host of this amazing challenge.

Sleep well, dear friends and soft and fine