Montag, 26. August 2013

Unterm Dach

Die Wärme des Sommers verabschiedet sich langsam und ich kann wieder unter dem Dach sitzen, arbeiten, lesen und träumen. Für gewöhnlich arbeite ich hier mit Wolle, Acrylfarben,  oder mache Pläne für neue Projekte und genieße es mit mir alleine zu sein.
The heat of the summer passed slowly and I can sit back under the roof, work and dream. Usually, I work here with wool, acrylic colors, make plans for new projects and enjoy being alone with me.

In der Mitte des Raumes steht ein Kamin, um den man herum gehen muß, um zum Fenster zu kommen.


 In the middle of the room is a chimney, to which one must go around to get to the table, loom and window.

Hier hängen und stehen auch ein paar meiner abstrakten Acylbiler, aus früheren Tagen.

Here also hang and stand some of my abstract acryl paintings from earlier days.

 Ich habe mein Studio mit aufgeräumtem Schreibtisch usw. fotografiert, was aber sicher nicht  lange so bleiben wird ...

 I have my studio photographed with a tidy desk and so on, but this is certainly not stay long so ... 


Meer bei Westerland/ Sylt
Sea by Westerland / Sylt

Detail Bild Welle ...
Detail painting wave ...

Feuer und Eis

Roter Löwenzahn 

Echinacea - Sonnenhut

So, Ihr Lieben, das war es schon wieder aus dem Blauen Haus. Lasst mich Euch noch feine Blümchen überreichen, als herzliches Dankeschön - für Eure Besuche und Eure vielen lieben Worte! Habt es schön!

So, dear ones, this is it for today from the Blue House. Let me take to you fine flowers as a heartful thank you - for your visits and the many kind words!


Phlox paniculata - Flammenblume

PS: For more work places please go to 


and have a look to all the other artists.



Thank you, dear Julia for hosting this wonderful Party!





  1. Lovely blue house and wonderful workplace under the roof. I can imagine that there is art everywhere and when You take brush to Your hand art hops to Your canvas :-D

  2. Halli hallo Erika, was hast du für einen tollen Dachboden,dass sieht ja superschön aus und du hast Platz um zu Arbeiten und zum Relexen.

    Lieben Gruß Hibiskus

  3. Awesome studio you have there. Very comfy. Love the feeling of it.:) Have a great day.

  4. Hallo liebe Erika, so eine schönes studio -zimmer hasst du !!
    So cozy and beautiful, there under the roof- and looks very big,-- A wonderful place to work and dream, and paint.. Your earlier pieces are very interesting and wonderful textured, liebe.
    Happy abend und nacht, mit süsse traüme wünsche ich dir, meine freund.
    Liebste grüsse von deiner Dorthe

  5. OMG! What a fabulous work/craft space!! Love all you creative-mess!! Have a crafty week!
    Lyn (happy WOYWW)


  6. Ich werde auch einmal in Dach arbeiten, aber noch nicht. I'm practising my written German. Great pictures of your loft, that will be me one day. Hugs Francesca #55

  7. What a lovely friendly room. Super pieces too. Thanks for popping by BJ#6

    Hope the word verification works for me as I don't usually spend too much time trying to get them to work. Have you considered removing it and just using moderation perhaps?

  8. Morning Erika. I love your attic studio. It must be cosy up there when the fire is on. Loving all the texture on your canvases. My favourite is Fire and Ice. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 27 x

  9. what a gorgeous studio!! and I LOVE your spinning wheel!! beautifully textured paintings, thanks for sharing :)
    happy WOYWW and have a great week :)
    no. 38

  10. Hello, I am sending this to everyone. Im sorry I am not going to be able to get to all the desk and I have now lost my sheet of paper that I was writing them down on. I don't think my cat is going to make it through the night to even see the vet. She is old just like my dog so I guess they are going to get sick at the same time or so. I just going to copy and paste and sorry to every one that I didn't get to read.. I just cant do it right now. Thank you Roberta 40 and bright blessings to all.

  11. Hi Erika, what a fabulous space you have to craft in, the wood burning stove and spinning wheel... just fabulous! Love the texture of your paintings too! Annette #9

  12. What a beautiful and remarkable work space! I love all of your amazing dolls! What exquisite creations!

    My eye also caught your spinning wheel and loom as I have a friend who spins and weaves!

    Thanks for your visit to my Texas desk!

    Lynn #31

  13. What a fabulous space, it looks to have such wonderful light and be warm and cozy too! Your acrylic abstracts all look wonderful and I can't wait to see what you create when you get your loom in action. Have a great week! Danie #62


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