Freitag, 19. Juli 2013

Sepia & Sage

Last week with Sepia & Sage
It's the Summer of Color 3 last week! The time went so fast and I thank you, dear Kristin, for this great opportunity to meet other artists and to create new Colors!
Es ist die letzte Woche des Summer of Colors 3 ! Die Zeit verging so schnell und ich danke Dir, liebe Kristin, für diese tolle Möglichkeit andere Künstler zu treffen und neue Farbwelten zu erschaffen! 

I have to admit that I really did not occur to a lot of of weekly task ... So I tried on the conditions ... took pictures of the Colors ...
Ich muß gestehen, dass mir nicht wirklich viel zur Wochenaufgabe eingefallen ist ... Also versuchte ich mich an den Rahmenbedingungen ... machte Fotos von den Farben ...

... discovered these wonderful colors that can works so soft ...
... entdeckte diese wundervollen Farben, mit denen sich so weich arbeiten läßt ...

Und habe mich letztendlich für diese Version entschieden.
 And I have finally decided for this version.

I hope very much that another Summer of Color Challenge next year will happen and are looking forward to it. Until then, I greet you all with affection and I am as always

Ich hoffe sehr, dass es im nächsten Jahr wieder eine Summer of Color Challenge gibt und freue mich schon darauf. Bis dahin grüße ich Euch alle sehr herzlich und bin wie immer

Eure Erika


  1. Wow...spectacular for the SOC challenge..this is such a super beautiful collection of photos..images and art...very creative and unique!This red haired lady is powerful and magical!I love the filmstrip and all of the beautiful art supplies! Wonderful!

  2. I have to smile at the funky film strip 'glasses' she had on :). So clever!. I LOVE LOVE the swirly roses bunch you made too, subtly beautiful!. The sepia soft pastels look yummy indeed :).

  3. wonderful idea with the film strip and a fab piece Erika. x

  4. Wonderful last piece for the Summer of Color!

  5. What a fantastic last week of colour. I love the film strip, so creative.

  6. I adore how you experimented to find the right colors for this week's entry. Love your lady. This is the perfect entry for the final SOC colors.

  7. I love your color explorations, they turned oaut beautifully and I love what you did with the film strip too!

  8. I really love what you created using the final week's SOC colors! I have enjoyed seeing your blog these past weeks and want to thank you for sharing your talents with all of us at SOC!!!!!

  9. Love your artwork!.. And being my first time here, do I see on your sidebars, that you like to make dolls? I love dolls of all kinds, and hope to someday sculpt my own. I have some of the tools, but now I just need a toaster oven.. to use specifically for just making and baking doll parts! But that aside, I have sewed and crocheted a good many dolls! No matter how old I get, I'll always love my dolls!.. Nice meeting you via Summer of Color, and have a great week ahead! ~tina

  10. Wow. Love your images you made and the photos. Stunning work. I have some negatives I have been meaning to play with and I loved seeing yours on your pages. It reminded me to dig them out.

    Great use of the colours this week. :)


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