Donnerstag, 6. Juni 2013

Lady on the wall

 Inspired by Marc Chagall is my Lady on the wall.
I painted her for the event with dear Kristin:
 "The summer of Colors 3".

So as I understand it, the colors turquoise and lemon green
had been chosen for this week. So I tried these colors, which are
 quite "strange" to me. And here is my result ...

Lady on the wall and ...

a little collage. Background acryl on canvas. A sortiment
of glass knobs, pearls, a bracelett with turquoise pearls
  and a old photo showing a young woman ...

 ... for the Summer of Color 3 
Please visit this site, to see more about this wonderful event:

* * * * *

Another fairy is also arrived this week :) Until now
she is nameless. Inspired by my garden work, hmm ...
we will see ...


Please visit the wonderful pictures on the
Paint Party Friday art blog. A wonderful meeting place
for wonderful and talented artists!
Have a wonderful time in this beautiful
days and be greeted warmly as always